The Pro Surfer Cross Trainer of Choice

SwellTech Complete SurfSkate’s combine Pro Surfer designed SurfSkate shapes with a redesigned 360-degree truck system to allows for a revolutionary Surf-Cross Training experience.




Surfskate are a skateboard designed to emulate the feeling of riding a wave, whilst there are many systems designed to create this feeling, finding the perfect system can improve your surfing tenfold by giving you the perfect cross training tool you can use almost anywhere.

Get your surf cross-training started with Australia’s best SurfSkate technology from SwellTech, NANA Skateboards and Hamboards. SurfSkate Australia stock the best range of SurfSkate in Australia, combining longboard, skateboard and cruiser shapes with the best Surf Skate truck systems in the world, some even allowing for a 360 degree turn. The extra lean provided from Surf Skate trucks allows for an incomparable pumping and carving experience that is perfect for off-season surf training. Pro Surfer Jamie O’Brien is a full fledge supporter of Swell Tech’s SurfSkate as it has given him and many other the unique ability to work on their technique and form when they aren’t in the water. Delve into Australia best range of SurfSkates below.



 SurfSkate Australia provides Australia’s highest quality SurfSkates pre-assembled and ready to go straight out of the box. Swelltech has been with professional surfers to craft the best surf training system available, offering the perfect platform to perfect your technique. SwellTech have teamed up with Pro Surfers Jamie O’Brien and Austin Keen to craft some of the best surf training tools available.





A family project from a family of Californian surfers turned into one of the closest surf to skate experiences imaginable. Hamboards offer a larger than life surfskate riding experience.  

Everything In Once PlacE


SurfSkate Australia has chosen the highest quality SurfSkate components to maximise fluidity between surfing and skating. We stock a range of replacement surfskate wheels, replacement surfskate trucks and of course replacement surfskate springs.