From the Ocean to the Street: The History of Surfskate

Riding the Waves and Streets with Surfskate

Surfskate: the ultimate blend of surfing and skateboarding. It’s the board that allows you to surf on land. With its unique design and mechanics, it provides a whole new level of surfing experience to riders. But how did it all start? Where did it come from? In this article, we’ll take you through the history of surfskate and how it evolved into what it is today.

Riding Waves and Streets: The Rise of Surfskate

Surfskate started out in the 60s, when surfers were looking for a way to continue their surfing experience on land. They wanted to practice and hone their moves when they couldn’t get to the beach, and thus, the surfskate was born. At first, these early surfskates were just skateboards with wider trucks and bigger wheels that would mimic the sensation of carving on a wave.

The first surfskate was called the "Sidewalk Surfboard" and was invented by Larry Stevenson in the early 60s. This board featured bigger wheels, a wider deck, and a unique turning mechanism that allowed the rider to simulate the feeling of carving on a wave. With the advent of new materials, technology, and the growing popularity of skateboarding, surfskate continued to evolve and became more sophisticated.

Surfing on Asphalt: Exploring the Evolution of Surfskate

As the years went by, designers started experimenting with new shapes and sizes of surfskates, incorporating features that made them more stable and easier to ride. The introduction of the "Swallowtail" design in the 70s revolutionized the surfskate industry. This design featured a wider tail with a concave shape that allowed the rider to perform more radical turns and tricks.

In the 80s, surfskates became more popular, and the demand for them rose. New companies started to emerge, such as Carver Skateboards, who introduced the "Carver C7" truck, which allowed for even greater control and maneuverability. Today, surfskates continue to evolve, and new designs and technologies are being introduced every year. Surfskates are not only useful for surfers to practice their moves, but they have become a popular form of transportation and leisure activity for people all around the world.

Catching Waves and Turning on Streets with Surfskate

From the ocean to the street, surfskate has come a long way since its inception in the 60s. It has become a global phenomenon, providing a new level of fun and excitement to riders all around the world. With its unique design and mechanics, it provides a way for surfers to practice their moves when they can’t get to the beach. But it’s not just for surfers anymore, as it has become a popular form of transportation and leisure activity for people of all ages. So grab your surfskate and catch some waves on the street!