Hamboards Complete 32″ Burst Flow Rida


Only 4 left in stock


Length: 32 in

Width: 10 in

Wheelbase: 19 in

Weight: 10 lb

Wheel Diameter: 66 mm

Front Truck: 40° baseplate, 180 mm hanger

Rear Truck: 20° baseplate, 180 mm hanger

A surfskate like no other

Speed, stability, carving and pumping have never come together like they do on the Burst.

The Burst is built with the HST 2.0 truck system. It has a 40° pivot axis in the front, a 20° pivot axis in the rear, and both trucks have 180mm hangers. It is 32″ long and 10″ wide with a  19″ wheelbase. This setup makes the Burst pump like no other board we have ever made.

The deck is like no other we have ever sold. It has a concave and kicktail with a custom black griptape on top. The bottom of the decks feature original artwork created for us by the renown Florida artist, Ayden Stoefen.

If you want another board that handles like a Carver, YOW or Waterborne, you will be disappointed. The Burst rides like no swivel truck board. It’s more like the demon love child of a longboard skateboard and swivel truck surfskate. Some purists may say it shouldn’t exist, but we think otherwise.

The Burst is not a board to do a slow tight infinity loop. It is board you can pump and carve hard and fast while still feeling you are in total control. The Burst has its own personality and wants to prove itself.  It is definitely not a stereotypical surfskate.