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Hamboards Complete 5′ 7″ Pinger Bamboo


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The Hamboards Pinger longboard is a 5’7” with its unique single wing pin tail shape is designed like the radical board of those that first tamed the Banzai Pipeline of North Shore Oahu. The Pinger by Hamboards is that perfect go to board in the Hamboards lineup. With Its ability to carve incredibly well and a little more weight than the Fish, you get more speed releasing out of turns. Like the Hamboards Classic, the larger deck allows for cross stepping footwork but with more maneuverability. The wheelbase and weight allows for turns and flow that feel just right. Riding the Pinger you can imagine yourself bearing down on the wave and drawing that perfect line, carrying so much speed thru a section and having the maneuverability to just lay into a turn.

Grab your Hamboards Street SUP Street Sweeper II Landpaddle for a great time on the perfect Hamboard for Street SUP.

Hamboards Pinger Specification:

Weight Limit: We haven’t found one! We have had riders up to 380 lbs. shredding our boards with no problem at all.
Deck: Length: 5’7″ | Width: 15.25″ | Thickness: 0.7″ | Weight: 21 lbs Super Hard Bamboo with Spary-on clear grip
Wheels: Hamboards Brown 90mm 78a
Trucks: Original’s 200mm Spring Torsion Trucks
Bearings­: BILTIN Abec 7 bearings.

About the Hamboards Pinger:

  • Unique Quality: The perfect blend of carving and noseriding
  • Weight Limit: Good for riders of all sizes (Best for riders over 100lbs)
  • Used For: Perfect for carving and noseriding and landpaddling
  • Experience Level: Fun for all experience levels (best for intermediate-advanced board riders)