Hamboards HST Spring Kit Silver (20lbf) – Silver Spring and Kingpin Set

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  1. These New Silver Springs offer the same restorative forces as the legacy Red Springs (~20 pounds force) but these springs are pre-set so that they don’t break-in and may not wear out.  (We haven’t worn-out a set yet!) 
  2. These New Black Kingpins feature 7mm of threads which eliminates “tuning”.  Just tighten the kingpin until it stops turning and you’re tuned perfectly.  

Prior to purchasing, please view this video.  


  1. This upgrade kit is ONLY for use with HST Carving Trucks.  
  2. The New Silver Springs have an extra half turn, and are slightly longer than the legacy Red (and Black) springs, so if you’re replacing Red or Black springs, you must remove one of the fender washers to make room for the new longer spring.  
  3. The New Black Kingpins come with black locknuts.  The old silver locknuts are too long, and may not “lock” onto the black kingpins.  
  4. While you’re at it, you may want to replace your wavecams.
  5. Clean old grease and lubricate generously with white Lithium grease while you’re making this change.