NANA Complete 35″ Battler Abberation

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An Aussie Legend, built through hard sweated sessions in the park, on the hill and in the ditch – The Battler, built to endure whatever you throw at it. The Battler takes it’s traditional double kick roots and stretches them to be able to handle a few slopes. Pressed with 7 plies of Canadian hardrock maple and pressed with eco-friendly glues. 

Style – Double Kick Cruiser (Small Nose)
Length – 34.75 inch
Width – 9.5 inch
Trucks – RKP 180
Wheels – Nana Bludgers 62mm x 82a
Bearings – DSCO x Nana Built-ins
Wheelbase – 20.25 inch
Tail 5.5 inch Nose 5 inch