NANA Complete 36″ Jackaroo Kicktail Logo Dip Salmon


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The Jackaroo is our classic suburban cruiser, featuring a nice stable wheelbase, slight rocker and of course an upturned kick tail allowing to hold a manual or pop up a curb. Perfect for running to the corner store or cruising a few blocks to your mates place. Complete with 69mm NANA Bludgers, Reverse Kingpin 180mm Ogre Trucks and NANA x DSCO Bearings Built-ins.

Style – Kick Pintail
Length – 35.75 inch
Width – 9.0 inch
Trucks – RKP 180
Wheels – Nana Bludgers 69mm x 82a
Bearings – DSCO x Nana Built-ins
Wheelbase – 21 inch
Tail 8.0 inch
Nose 2.75 inch