Pig Rails Purple


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Pig Rails 

The Pig rails allow for

smoother board slides
gives you a handle to hang on to for steep turns
protects your graphic
 Comes with 8x Self-tapping Screws.


L 360mm x W 18mm x D 8mm
10 x Locking Screws

Under the ownership of the Tum Yeto distribution company, Pig stands as a sister company alongside renowned brands such as Toy Machine, Foundation, Ruckus Metal, and Death Box. Founded by professional skateboarder Tod Swank in 1989, Pig has consistently demonstrated its commitment to crafting innovative skateboard products and bolstering the global skateboard culture.

Pig skateboard wheels are a testament to their dedication to quality. Crafted from Pig’s proprietary urethane formula, these wheels are engineered to deliver a smooth ride on a variety of terrains. Offering a unique assortment of designs and graphics, Pig wheels cater to skaters of all styles and preferences.

In the realm of skateboard bearings, Pig offers a style suited to every skill level. Their ABEC 3 rated bearings feature dent-resistant shields, making them an excellent choice for beginners. Pig’s ABEC 5 rated bearings provide enhanced strength and speed, while the ABEC 7 rated bearings deliver optimal stability and speed, ideal for professional riders. For those seeking bearings with the longest lifespan and corrosion resistance, Pig’s ceramic bearings are a top choice.

Pig also provides skateboard enthusiasts with a range of essential accessories. Their skateboard riser pads are shock-absorbent, helping to protect your board from potential cracks. When it’s time to master new tricks, Pig skateboard wax proves invaluable, offering enhanced control when riding against various surfaces.

Pig skateboard hardware kits make assembling your board a breeze, ensuring everything fits together correctly. Fine-tune and adjust your skateboard effortlessly with Pig skateboard tools, featuring a tri-socket design that combines various tools into one convenient package, complete with three socket sizes and a self-aligning axle threader.

Additionally, Pig skateboard beanies are designed to keep your hair out of your face, offering both style and function. Made of 100% acrylic, Pig beanies provide warmth and comfort during your skate sessions.

Finally, don’t forget to show some love for the brand by adorning your gear with Pig skateboard stickers. These stickers are a stylish addition to your skateboard deck and demonstrate your support for the Pig brand.

For over two decades, Pig has been a leading force in designing high-performance skateboard gear. When you choose Pig products, you can be confident that you won’t be disappointed. Embrace their commitment to quality and style to elevate your skateboarding experience.