Toy Machine Complete (8.0) Monster Complete Assorted


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For over two decades, Toy Machine has cultivated its reputation and a devoted fan base. Founded by Ed Templeton, the company operates under the Tum Yeto distribution umbrella. Renowned for its distinctive alien-themed graphics, Toy Machine stands as a formidable leader in the skateboarding industry, maintaining a strong and unwavering presence.

Their skateboard decks are constructed from durable 7-ply maple, offering an extensive selection of graphics that cater to a variety of tastes, including whimsical aliens, comical faces, and detailed cartoon eyes. Complement your ride with Toy Machine skateboard wheels, renowned for their high-performance capabilities that enable you to push your limits. Opt for Toy Machine skateboard bearings, conveniently stored in an alien-shaped case, designed with quality materials to enhance your boarding experience.

If you prefer a hassle-free option, explore Toy Machine’s collection of pre-assembled skateboard completes, which include decks, trucks, and wheels. Elevate your skateboarding experience with Toy Machine skateboard wax, ideal for applying to railings and curbs to gain greater control when attempting new tricks.

For those who can’t get enough of the brand, Toy Machine apparel provides a stylish way to showcase your loyalty. Their skateboard t-shirts, featuring iconic alien graphics, are sure to catch the eye. Stay warm on chilly days with Toy Machine skateboard sweatshirts and keep your feet comfortable and protected with alien-themed crew socks that can be worn high or hidden low. Complete your look with Toy Machine skateboard beanies and hats, designed with a mesh backing for a cool and comfortable ride.

From top-notch skate equipment to trendy clothing, Toy Machine stands out as one of the world’s most coveted skateboard brands. Choose Toy Machine to set yourself apart and meet all your skateboarding needs with a brand known for quality and style.