Surfskate Techniques: Carving, Pumping, and Slashing

Surfskateboarding is a popular pastime for many people looking for a fun way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. It provides a unique opportunity to experience the feeling of surfing on land. Like any other sport, surfskateboarding requires practice and skill development. This article will explore three essential techniques for surfskateboarding: carving, pumping, and slashing.

Surf’s up! Learn how to carve, pump, and slash on your surfskate board!


Carving involves making smooth, flowing turns while maintaining speed and control. To carve on your surfskate board, you need to shift your weight to the heels or toes to guide the board in the direction you want to go. Practice carving by cruising down hills and turning from side to side. Once you have the hang of it, try carving on flat ground. Carving is an essential technique that will help you navigate through crowded areas and ride larger waves.


Pumping is a technique that involves generating speed by using your body weight to move the board back and forth. To pump successfully, you need to transfer your weight forward and backward while bending your knees. This motion will create a pumping action that propels the board forward. Practice pumping by cruising down gentle hills, and then try it on flat ground. Pumping is an excellent way to gain speed when you don’t have any momentum.


Slashing is a technique that involves carving hard and throwing the tail of your board outwards while riding. It creates a spray of water and is a great way to add some style to your surfskateboarding. To slash, you need to shift your weight to the front of the board and turn sharply, letting the tail slide outwards. As you become more confident, try to slash while riding faster.

In conclusion, carving, pumping, and slashing are essential techniques that will help you master the art of surfskateboarding. Practice each of these techniques until you feel comfortable and confident. Remember to always wear protective gear and observe traffic rules while riding. Now, get out there and shred like a pro!