Autobahn Wheels AB-S 53mm 99a White

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Autobahn Wheels AB-S 53mm 99a White 

Autobahn are well known for pumping out high quality wheels since the early 2000s, Manufactured in the USA on High Performance Urethane, the Autobahn collection are abrasive resistant so you don’t need to live in constant fear of flatspots. The AB-S 52mm are the perfect tool to unleash the tech in your skate game, their slightly harder 99a durometer allows all needed slide while still sustaining a smooth roll. 


  • 53mm Diameter 
  • 99A Durometer


When Autobahn was founded in 2001, most wheel companies didn’t even mention what hardness their wheels were. It was a sea of skulls and fire. In our view, skateboarding was simple physics. Weight distribution. Timing. Focus. We wanted to bring technology back into the wheel conversation. Nearly 15 years later, it seems skateboarders wanted the same.