Colours Griptape ODB Brooklyn Zoo


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Colours Griptape ODB Brooklyn Zoo

Enhance your skating experience with the Colours Griptape ODB Brooklyn Zoo, designed for both style and performance. This high-quality griptape features a unique Brooklyn Zoo design inspired by the iconic ODB, adding personality to your board while providing ultimate grip and control. Stand out at the park or on the streets with this eye-catching and functional griptape.

  • High-quality griptape for enhanced performance
  • Unique Brooklyn Zoo design inspired by ODB
  • Provides superior grip and control
  • Adds style and personality to your skateboard

About Colours Collectiv

Colours Collectiv is a brand committed to combining style and quality in skate accessories. Each product is designed to express individuality, provide top-notch performance, and elevate your skating experience. With Colours Collectiv, you’re not just skating, you’re making a statement.