Cult Wheels Creator SG 72mm Yellow


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For many years, hidden from the rest of the world in the deepest depths of Kernow, Mark Short, Will Edgecombe and George Vincent have been perfecting their sideways art. Seeing their hard-won wisdom and creative artistry, The Doctor sought them out to bring forth a new level of sliding experience. After many failed experiments, the Doctor and his disciples realised that, to truly journey into the sideways reality they sought, an all-new chemistry in a different shape was required. Thus – NEUROTHANE was born, and with it, the large-cored freeride shape known as the Creator. Ultra slidey, this supported wheel features a slightly offset, subtly asymmetric core, narrower contact patch, rounded edges and a stone-ground riding surface.

Stoned Ground and Rounded Edge for a smooth release and easy wear!


Slightly Offset Core

72mm x 43mm

29.5mm contact patch

Formulated from Neurothane

Stoned Finish

Sold as a set (4 Wheels)