DSCO Bearings Titanium


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DSCO Bearings Titanium
(Set of 8 Bearings)

Quality titanium alloy ball bearings
High caliber steel deep groove races
Impact resistant nylon ball cages
Axle nuts and washers
Lock tight bearing spacers
Frictionless removable rubber shields
Premium credit card skate tool and sleeve
Cleaning instructions and sticker included

Embark on a ride of unparalleled strength with DSCO Bearings Titanium – a set of 8 bearings crafted from quality titanium alloy. Paired with high-caliber steel deep groove races, these bearings offer durability and precision for the discerning skater. Impact-resistant nylon ball cages navigate terrains with poise, and lock-tight bearing spacers ensure a wobble-free experience. Frictionless removable rubber shields add an extra layer of sleekness, and the inclusion of axle nuts, washers, and a premium credit card skate tool enhances the package. Each set includes cleaning instructions and a sticker, showcasing DSCO Bearings’ commitment to letting the good times roll!

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