FP Gamechangers PU Lite Insoles White Camo

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The Footprint PU Game Changer Custom Orthotics insoles are perfect for those of you with flat or mid-level arches. Their re-curable urethane formula customizes to the exact shape of your feet for incredible comfort, and the updated base layer is more durable to increase the longevity and stability of the insole. Gone are the days of sore feet keeping you off your board for days.
As a bonus, these insoles also work in snowboard boots.
Key Features
Arch Support
Kingfoam Insole Cross-Section
Gamechangers Custom Mold Instructions
Determining Your Foot Type
Arch Support – These orthotics help prevent over-pronation, which assists the body in proper alignment. This relieves daily fatigue, sore joints and allows longer performance.

Gamechangers Custom Mold Instructions – Preheat oven to 225°F or 110°C

Insert insole for 5-8 minutes or until arch is soft

Wear socks

Remove insole and place into shoe. Walk for 5-10 minutes or until arch becomes firm.

Use caution, insole will be hot. If insole feels too hot, allow it to cool to tolerable temperature before molding.

Do not attempt to mold without adult supervision. If using a toaster oven, keep insole away from heating elements as toaster ovens do not accurately control even temperature throughout oven.

Do not attempt to mold if insole has been punctured or damaged. Do not use microwave. Use common sense.

Customer assumes all liability. Footprint Insole Technology is not liable for any injury as a result of using this product, negligent or otherwise.