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Skate Legend Elliot Sloan was born on July 29, 1988 in New York City, NY. He told us here at SK8 Candles his greatest influence in skateboarding is Tony Hawk, and like Tony, Elliot Sloan is a member of famous Skateboarder list. Elliot won gold at the 2013 and 2017 Summer X Games in Los Angeles, competing in the Skateboard Big Air division.  The three-time XG Big Air gold medalist (LA 2013, Minneapolis 2017 and Sydney 2018) rocks on his guitar and rolls on ramps. Elliot did both in his 2016 Metal & Mayhem video part, pulling a 360 on a mega ramp with a guitar in hand. He now owns the second most medals in SKB Big Air (7, behind Bob Burnquist’s 13). But get this: Sloan will be freshly 31 X Games Minneapolis 2019 . Burnquist was 29 when he earned his first Big Air medal.


This kid is pushing the envelope in the Vert ramp world, if Tony Hawk had a protege’ Elliot would be the man! So drop in to the real with the Elliot Sloan Signature Sk8Candle!