TPWC 53mm (101a) Thrillers

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TPWC 53mm (101a) Thrillers

Experience next-level performance with TPWC 53mm (101a) Thrillers. These high-quality skateboard wheels are designed for the ultimate thrill-seekers. Whether you’re hitting the streets or the skate park, these wheels offer unbeatable speed, control, and durability.

  • Size: 53mm
  • Durometer: 101a
  • High-performance urethane formula
  • Perfect for street and park skating

The Portland Wheel Company

The Portland Wheel Company is dedicated to crafting top-of-the-line skateboard wheels that push the boundaries of performance and style. With a commitment to quality and innovation, TPWC products are designed to elevate your skating experience to new heights.