Venom Bushings Super Carve l HPF 97a Pink


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Venom Bushings Super Carve | HPF 97a Pink

Experience unmatched performance and precision with the Venom Bushings Super Carve in HPF 97a Pink. Designed for ultimate control and responsiveness, these bushings will take your carving game to the next level. The 97a durometer ensures a perfect balance of stability and maneuverability, providing a smooth and effortless ride every time.

  • High Performance Formula (HPF) for superior durability
  • 97a durometer for optimal control and response
  • Enhanced carving capability for a dynamic riding experience

About Venom

Since its inception, Venom has been dedicated to crafting high-quality skateboard products that push the boundaries of performance and innovation. With a strong commitment to precision engineering and superior materials, Venom ensures that every product delivers unmatched durability and performance, making them a favorite among skateboard enthusiasts worldwide.