FP Orthotic Insoles Orange Camo



Kingfoam Orthotics

For feet with Flat to Mid arches. A softer more dynamic arch provides a cloud like feeling when walking however provides firm orthotic support at the moment of impact.

Kingfoam Orthotic insoles have a unique dual density arch chamber which dynamically custom shapes to your foot providing customising arch support.

Not only will it feel like walking on a cloud, it will help relieve the symptoms of over pronation and with heal to toe layer of Kingfoam it will also absorb up to 90% of shock impact energy.

75% of people over pronate. The muscles and tendons in the foot stop being effective and the aches begin to flatten which sets off a chain reaction negative side effects in the body.

Extreme Energy Absorption

The nano technology in ARTi-LAGE Artificial Cartilage Foam absorbs up to 90% of impact energy before it can reach your body

Outer Material: Fabric

Can be trimmed to fit, includes adjustable heel risers. Dual weave fabric for longer and harder use

Adapts to each step: The material eases in to every pressure point relieving stressed areas and evenly dispersing impact