SurfSkate Skateboards range has been designed to replicate the essence of surfing a wave. With a variety of specific truck systems and deck designs, there is now the ability to 'surf' your surroundings! SurfSkate Skateboards provide you with the ability to practive your surfing from turns to cutbacks without the waiting for a wave each time. Each of these completes feature a swivel surfskate truck that allows you to perfect your surfing techniques!

SurfSkate Australia are proud to stock a wide range of SurfSkate complete skateboards perfect for all your Surfskate needs! We provide you the latest skateboards from quality brands such as... Swelltech, Nana Skateboards, Ark Skateboards and Hamboards


Surfskate Australia are proud to offer Australia's best range of skateboard completes for carving! All of these boards feature a truck system that will enable you to perform extremely tight and smooth turns unlocking your carving potential! Fine tune your surfing turns and cutbacks with all of these skateboards listed below and be sure to check out each products features!


Are you chasing a complete skateboard for general cruising? These skateboards are for you! All of the boards listed below are a great way to start skateboarding and honing your turning & carving ability. Each skateboard coming with traditional or reverse kingpin trucks, ensuring you getting a sharp and smooth turn!